Spindle Repair (Rebuilding)

Once the quote has been approved, our trained technicians complete the rework/rebuilding of the spindle. Depending on the damage to the spindle, some of the areas that we will work on may include:

  • The manufacture of new parts, hard chrome plating, grinding, and design alterations for extended service intervals.
  • Preparing lube measurement in the situation of grease lubrication, grinding operations, spacer preparation, and setting bearing preload.
  • Restoring the Tool Clamping System to guarantee correct tool contact, and retention force within established frameworks.
  • Balancing the components and assemblies to achieve factory specification or better.
  • Inspecting, testing and/or rewinding of electrical components, switches, sensors, lubrication, pneumatic and hydraulics systems and cooling systems.
  • Utilizing our state-of-the-art quality control testing systems, where we will record all applicable measurements including:
    • Cooling Systems
    • Vibration levels
    • Electrical Systems
    • Lubrication Systems
    • Total Run-Out
    • Tool Holding Systems, hydraulic, manual, and pneumatic